L'Air Bête Steak House - A "bring your own wine" where the good mood reigns! June, 28th 2018

Looking for a restaurant in downtown Trois-Rivières with a chic and relaxed atmosphere? You want to bring your own wine or, because why not, your own beer? The restaurant L'Air Bête, located on the street Des Forges not far from the Hotel Oui GO !, will meet your expectations. In addition, a branch of the SAQ is located 100 meters away, and the microbrewery le Temps d'un Pinte can auction the beer of your choice!

When you sit inside, the atmosphere and lighting, day and evening, are very pleasant. Moreover, beautiful large windows overlooking one of the liveliest streets of the city let in a lot of light.

The service is particularly welcoming: Valérie Charrette, one of the owners of the restaurant, will be very caring with you while Yves Marchand, the second owner, will concoct you a very good meal.

Mr. Marchand took the time to explain the difference between AAA beef and Black Angus 1855, both of which are meat qualities offered at the restaurant. AAA beef is less than 30 months old and has moderate marbling (distribution of fat giving tenderness to the meat). Black Angus 1855 is a high quality, grain fed beef for a minimum of 100 days, known for its high flavour and marbling.

The menu is composed of several choices of meat (hence the "bête" in the name, which refers to different animals) and different cuts, such as bavette, tartares and filet mignon. The menu also has other choices, such as fish, burgers, salad, pasta or duck. In addition, the restaurant serves hearty breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you choose the table d'hôte, you will have three choices of starters, a soup of the day, four main meal choices, a dessert of the day and a coffee, tea or herbal tea for only $ 39. During my visit, I chose filet mignon, which was tender and truly delicious!

During my visit, Ms. Charrette explained to me several interesting concepts. For birthdays, the party person can bring friends and for each friend she brings, it's 10% less on her bill. That is, if it brings 7 friends, the person gets 70% off his bill. In addition, the restaurant offers 4 to 7 half price for children 10 and under accompanied by an adult on Sunday.

Finally, there will be an evening "Air Bête" next fall, an event in which all staff will have a "beastly appearance". Stay tuned for more information on this event!

Marilou, Breakfast Attendant

Hôtel Oui GO!
L’Air Bête Steak House
68 Rue des Forges,
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 2G5
819 370-1515

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