Les Contrebandiers - The up-to-date prohibition May, 31th 2018

I had the chance, a few weeks ago, to eat at the restaurant Les Contrebandiers, located on the rue des Forges. As we enter the restaurant,we are greeted by waiters dressed in uniforms giving them a look of the 1920s. Inside, the photos of hte famous Al Capone, bintage lighting and large banquettes create a luxurious decor in cozy, which is reminiscent of the era of prohibition. For those who want to enjoy the fresh air, it is also possible to eat outside on a covered terrace and heated as needed. Moreover, the theme of the smugglers is in continuity with this concept. As the evening progesses, the restaurant becomes festive until the wee hours of the morning. Before becoming a restaurant, the establishment was part of the bar Le Temple, which is still located on the 2nd floor of the building. After sixteen years the owners decided to renovate and create Les Contrebandiers - Boissonnerie Gourmande.

The place is well suited for coupls, as well as larger groups. For the solitray, the bar with a length of 45 feet is ideal to talk with the friendly bartenders or watch a sports match. To start the evening, I opted for white sangria. The place also offers several other choices of aperitifs and other beverages, including several classic cocktails such as Old Fashioned adnd Dry Martini. We can also find a wide selection of beers, includinf several Quebec produits (Le Trou du Diable, Dieu du Ciel, La Pécheresse), as well as a wine list featuring privately imported wines. 

As an appetizer, my choice was fried squid. For the main course, I opted for a very tasty beef tartare. Les Contrebandiers menu includes elaborate dishes with many flavors that remain accessible to everyone. Those who love local products will be well served with specialty dishes such "La blanquette de veau du Québec" et "le demi-poulet de Cornouailles à la portugaise". The restaurant also uses some organic foods, such as cheese and beef. In addition, you can find a Scotch Bar, containg a large selection of Scotches, whiskeys and rums that can be enjoyed individually or with the "discovery" boards including 4 different products. This is a nice addition, as there are few places in Trois-Rivières that offer such a large selection of spirits. 


The more the evening profresses, the more hte atmosphere become festive : at the end of the evening, the tables are removed to gradually give way to the dance floor, around midnight. The musical selection is varied enough to please everyone. The party can continue until wee hours of the morning. Music, all will find their account, since the musical selection is large enough to please everyone.

If you just want to go out to eat or continue the evening dancing, the restaurant Les Contrebandiers will live up to your expectations. All you have to do is go back to the Prohibitaion era with a good scotch!

Charlotte, Room Attendant

Les Contrebandiers - Boissonnerie Gourmande
300 rue des Forges
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 2G8
819 370-2005


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