HÔTEL OUI GO! IS MORE THAN A HOTEL! We dared to dream of an authentic space to offer you a unique service.

Urban. Chic. Casual.

Urban. Chic. Casual.

Hôtel Oui Go! is, a boutique hotel with 28 rooms and and is equipped with two meeting rooms to accommodate business clients. It is housed in a building which is recognized historically because it is characterized by a particular early 20th-century architecture, dating from the beginning of the century and it is full of history.

Clients who stay at the Hotel Oui GO! will be invited to an experience in accommodation that combines the authenticity of the past with modern chic. We give each client an attentive and personalized service offered in a relaxed atmosphere. We focus on the design and comfort sought by the savvy consumers. The hotel is in the heart of downtown Trois-Rivières, the 2e oldest French city in North America, and is close to restaurants, bars, terraces, museums, festivals and Harbour Park.

Hôtel Oui Go! is the place where you want to be and where you want to be seen!


Le Brun en Ville -General Store

The general store "Le Brun en ville" transports you to another time, the postwar era, of the Great Depression. Relive the warm welcome of the shops of yesteryear, full of nostalgia and memories. In addition to the hundred artefacts, you will surely find the souvenir object that will remind you of your childhood.

You will find among other items, country soap, sweets from your childhood (honeymoon, pink popcorn, black balls, soap gums ...), toys as in your memories, local products and craftsmen and gifts for all occasions


But since we wish your stay at the Hotel Oui GO! to be memorable, we thought of you.

We always have in store ...

For relaxation: Massage oil, milk or bath bombs, body cream or hands, candles, comics (General Store), table games ...

For body care: soap, shampoo, nail clippers, nail files, dry skin cream, skin care products for men ...

Apothecary: Menthol and camphorated products for influenza, first aid analgesic balm, sore muscle gel, lozenges, honey sweets ...

Sweets: Chocolate, old fashion candy ...

To remember your visit to Trois-Rivières: souvenirs items (key rings, magnets, cups ...) sweaters, notebooks, bags, postcards ...


Other: Umbrella, wool stockings, rain poncho, hot sweaters, greeting cards, caps ...and much more!

We tell you the story!!!

We tell you the story!!!

Come and discover the rich history of the building occupied since 1864 by the German Balcer family, a family of furriers operating in the fur industry. Following the Trois-Rivières fire in 1908, the building was rebuilt and transformed to become the national bank in 1910 and later the provincial bank of Canada. In another part of the building is added the Molson bank which will become the bank of Montreal. Banks occupied the premises until the 1970s.



Come and travel through time thanks to our historical showcase as well as several other places installed in the hotel to discover this amazing past!