Chocolaterie Samson – The Passion of chocolate, simply May, 17th 2018

This article is the result of a meeting with Mrs. Nancy Samson, master chocolatier, teacher and owner of the workshop-boutique and creation space Chocolats Samson.
As soon as you walk through the front door of the charming Champflour Street business, a powerful smell of chocolate tickles your nostrils. There is no doubt about the nature of the trade: here, we sell chocolates. But not just any : the first North American woman ambassador of Cacao Barry, and ambassador of the Quebec Maple, Nancy Samson focuses first and foremost on quality. Mentioned several times during our meeting, the quality of raw materials and finished products takes precedence over the number of products offered.
This is also the case for its counter of ice creams and sorbets. With 7 flavours (sometimes up to 14), the selection offered by Chocolats Samson is certainly reduced when compared to some dairies. The flavor products, however, definitely make up for it. Their taste is natural, as are the ingredients (in limited quantities) that make them. No concessions here! I have to mention the maple sorbet - a delicate flavour at first, but has a surprising aftertaste of maple taffy in the end - and the coconut flavour - the feeling of being under the tropical sun, in one bite!
But let's go back to chocolates. Here too, the flavours are frank: sometimes powerful (lime, raspberry, hazelnut), sometimes more subtle (rooibos, basil, cardamom), but always right. My favourites? The choice is difficult, but praline feuilletine conquered me with its perfect balance of creamy hazelnut and crispy, and raspberry heart perfectly combines two timeless flavours. Special mentions: the cream coffee, which should appeal to all coffee lovers, cardamom, which is reminiscent of a good chaï, as well as the various truffles melting at will. 
Teaching the trade for almost 29 years, and having produced and distributed her creations for almost as long, chocolate seems to have no secrets for Ms. Samson. However, she continues to improve her art by attending regular training courses in Europe, which allows her to continue to innovate and create new products. Ms. Samson also wishes to share her knowledge: the Ice Cream Ambassadors Club project will allow 40 lucky people to attend a training session on making homemade ice cream. It is also possible to organize an activity of the same kind, with flavours created to measure, for a birthday party. Her business, where customers can observe the production workshop through a glass partition, is the very image of her passion for education and her desire for transparency. ''I have nothing to hide!'' says Ms. Samson with a smile.
Having had a lot of visibility following the creation of her chocolate bust supporting the cause of breast cancer, the chocolate artisan does not hesitate to support other causes such as poverty and Alzheimer's. Her plans for the future? Nancy Smason wants to continue to innovate, give back to the community and educate people about her field of expertise, as well as develop new product lines. Will she expand her offer to meet the saltier tooth of the customers? To be continued...
Marie-Pier, Operations Coordinator
Hôtel Oui GO!
Creative house and manufacturing workshop
1066, rue Champflour, Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 1Z9
819 379-2644

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