Room '07 May, 12th 2023


If the walls of this room seem so imposing - even invincible - and remind you of those of a fortress, it's because they once kept precious gold bars...

In fact, about a hundred years ago, one of the first safes in the city of Trois-Rivières was located right here, in what used to be the Bank of Montreal.

Since the architects and owners wanted to preserve the authenticity of the building and pay homage to its heritage, the plans were designed so that the safe could remain intact. Moreover, breaking through these walls was quite a difficult task! It took several hours for engineers to finally create the opening for the room.

And although only traces of this bygone era remain today, the original safe door retained all of its splendor and now watches over our precious linens.

Sleeping in the '07 is not only about commemorating another century, when Trois-Rivières was only a synonym for fur trade and paper mill, but it's also sleeping soundly and absolutely safe.

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